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Janet Nguyen -3

CA state senator for 34th district

Janet Q. Nguyen (born May 1, 1976) is an American politician currently serving in the California State Senate. She is a Republican representing the 34th district, encompassing parts of Long Beach and Orange County. She is the first Vietnamese-American state senator in the United States and the country's first Vietnamese-American woman state legislator.

Prior to being elected to the state senate, she was an Orange County Supervisor, representing the First District. At the age of 30, she was the youngest person to be elected to the board of supervisors, the first woman to be elected from the First District, and the first Vietnamese-American county supervisor in the United States.

Contribution into the problem of Forced Vaccination (California SB792 mandates vaccination): as a California State Senator
Voted on senate floor for the bill and made it pass
Contribution into the problem of Forced Vaccination (California SB277 mandates vaccination): as a California State Senator
Voted on senate floor AGAINST the bill


-4 Apr 9, 2015, 7:17:23 AM

Awards thousands to whom?

I don't follow Little Saigon politics as much as I used to or I should, but I knew something smelled worse than boiled headcheese on a bánh mì when word emerged Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen awarded $350,000 this week to a Vietnamese cultural group so they can erect some type of historical monument in Midway City. I know enough about Vietnamese culture in Orange County to know that the winning group, Vietnamese Community Culture and Performance Arts Society (or, in Vietnamese, Câu Lạc Bộ Hùng Sử Việt) isn't particularly influential in Little Saigon--they're no VAALA, for sure. Then Hao-Nhien Vu, editor of Nguoi Viet and writing in English as the Bolsavik, wrote a killer post that confirmed my suspicions. Hùng Sử Việt is best known for writing and performing songs about Vietnamese history, and is based out of an Irvine house. He also called into question the reasoning behind Nguyen throwing public funds at the group, and incredibly discovered that Hùng Sử Việt head Song Thuan "had no idea the proposal ... (more)
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