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Lois Wolk -2

CA Senator for SD3

Lois Wolk (born May 12, 1946) is a California State Senator, representing the 3rd district of California. Wolk is a member of the Democratic Party and was elected to the Senate in 2008.

Wolk was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She earned a B.A. from Antioch College in 1968, and an M.A. from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in 1971. She has taught History, Social Studies and French in grades 7 through 12 in both public and private schools.  Wolk lives in Davis, California with her husband, Bruce Wolk, Professor of Law at UC Davis Law School. They married in 1968 and have two sons, Adam and Dan.

Contribution into the problem of Forced Vaccination (California SB792 mandates vaccination): as a California State Senator
Voted on senate floor for the bill and made it pass


-4 Apr 11, 2015, 9:06:03 PM

Supports bill that harms Californians and increase profits of big corporations.

The senator Pan constantly lying about the safety of vaccines is a problem. However, the biiger problem is that Lois Wolk listens to him and totally ignores the facts about vaccine injuries, the statements of M.D., and the opinion of the electorate. When a problem happened in California, Lois Wolk voted to address another, non-existent problm and voted to pass SB277 in health committe. As a result, the original problem remains unaddressed, but the vacine maker Merck and health insurers may fully enjoy increased profits at the cost of parents and other taxpayers. The sad part is that the price we pay is the well-being of our children. The vaccination reate in California is one of the highest in the nation. A small increase in vaccination rate will not change the statistics on the diseases. However, the statistics of vaccine-injured will increase, because it is almost impossible to get a vaccine waiver in California. The number of children dying after vaccination will also increase. Just check the government da... (more)
✔ Corruption
✔ Life Danger
✔ Health Danger
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